Changes for 2017

This site will no longer be the membership site.

The new Hypnosis Hub is at

Please go to the following links for all the new stuff for 2017!!

For FREE Self Hypnosis on-line:

For an Introduction to Hypnosis:  Free Video Series for Hypnosis

Hypnosis Training and Certification

Advanced Hypnosis Training :

Simpson Protocol Membership online

Updating this here Self Hypnosis site





Because we want to expand the Self Hypnosis part of this site – but still keep it FREE – we are moving to another site – LINK HERE. Here you can sign up for FREE and keep your own profile


The Simpson Protocol Membership site had already moved to HERE – with some new files and videos


Away for a month or so travelling and teaching – so look for new files in Self Hypnosis Dec/ January



Upgrading and Ringing the Changes!


We have opened the new membership site For Simpson Protocol Graduates – that will supersede ( gradually) this site for all things SP.

Login for the new site: Simpson Protocol Online Training


This site will be getting a facelift soon – but will remain the source of all FREE Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis Courses.

What do you the member or reader have to do?  NOTHING – it will all change before your eyes.

Ines Simpson and an Introduction to Hypnosis on NEW Mobile Ready site


intro hypnosis


This is a FREE section that shows those who are interested in how to take Hypnosis further – as a career or as a hobby, or as a field of interest for their lives.

Most of these sections will be later incorporated into the PREMIUM membership and will be on the NEW membership site that is faster and mobile ready (that is actually works on smart phones)

However as we develop the section they are open to all
There is a lot of information here – feel free to browse:



LINK OLD SITE:  an Introduction to Hypnosis